The trains may not run any better, but the passengers won’t mind delays as much with Amtrak now ‘running on Dunkin’! The railroad and Dunkin Donuts announced an agreement this week where Dunkin’ coffee will now be served on the Acela high speed express throughout the northeast. Later this year, all Amtrak trains throughout the northeast corridor will begin serving Dunkin coffee, so train travel may be making something of a comeback . . . We also noted a headline relating that Dunkin Brands has urged the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals to affirm a lower court dismissal of a class action lawsuit alleging that sales taxes on a retail pound of coffee products had been illegally charged by Dunkin’ and New York City franchisees. The case was dismissed by the District Court, but plaintiffs appealed to the 2nd Circuit Court. Oral arguments have been scheduled for May 18, 2017.