The bulk of the news on Dunkin’ this week focused on the name change dropping donuts that was announced in Las Vegas. There are other items to note however. First off, we want to congratulate Dunkin’ franchisee (and current CFA Chairman) John Motta on his reelection last week as the President of the USA Adult Soccer Association for another term! Congrats, John! Secondly, we were glad to see the US District Court in New York dismiss the class action suit filed in July 2017 alleging that the Dunkin’ Angus Steak sandwich represented false advertising and did not contain steak. Hopefully, that dismissal will be the end of that frivolous litigation. And finally, Dunkin’ has asked the federal court in Illinois to dismiss a separate suit that challenged the marketing of Dunkins glazed blueberry donut alleging that it didn’t contain real blueberries. The court has yet to act on the request and has taken it under advisement.