Dunkin Brands reported earnings on Thursday, and the stock market liked the new product, new brand themes and strategy themes, even though the actual numbers were lackluster. Dave Hoffmann spoke to US Dunkin’ and Baskin trends, while Nigel Travis had just a few words on International. DD comps were plus 1.3%, just a touch under expectations.   Although ticket v. traffic wasn’t broken out, it was understood that afternoons were better and that traffic was improving but still not positive. Ticket was up approximately 2%.  There were many references to the “momentum gained at the convention”, as well as the espresso brand expansion announced on Wednesday.  The brand made clear they were working with franchisees further on the “Next Gen” store cost, and it was not expected to enter the market until 2019. There were wary questions from the stock analysts, including what about interest rate increases (Kate Jaspon said this should be no problem with franchisees finding funding). Hoffmann noted they were still working to get that 1% of comps sales back dating to the menu refresh when combos were eliminated.