Dunkin’ released its Annual Sustainability Report for 2017 – 2018 earlier this week and highlighted some significant advances in its efforts to become a more-environmentally conscious company. Among other highlights, the report points to the 5-year agreement Dunkin reached in 2018 with World Coffee Research – the non-profit coffee collaborative to which Dunkin’ donates a percentage of sales, as well as the advances Dunkin’ has realized in its transitioning from polystyrene foam cups and also switching to recyclable polypropylene 5 covers. From a personal perspective, having grandchildren with allergies to certain food dyes, I am very pleased with Dunkin’s progress in removing artificial dyes from many of its products! More detailed information on some of these advances is available in the Dunkin Sustainability Report. And finally, Dunkin was recognized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) last week when the animal welfare organization announced that Dunkin’ had been selected for a 2019 Proggy Award (PETA award for progress) in recognition of the new Dunkin’ Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich and Baskin’s new vegan ice cream.