Elsewhere in the world of Dunkin’, we noted a recent report by QSR Magazine ranked the top 34 Most Lucrative American Franchises and placed Dunkin’ at #8 with over 9,400 franchised units across the country and almost $8.8 Billion in U.S. system-wide sales. McDonald’s topped the listing with $38.5 Billion in US system-wide sales generated by almost 14,000 US stores (13,229 of which were franchised). In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Dunkin’ Chairman and former CEO Nigel Travis opined on a number of issues ranging from the impact of the $15 minimum wage on franchise stores to the success and long-term viability of plant-based products in the food market to the need for a depreciation fix in Washington DC and everything in between. And finally, we noted speculation on the impact (if not the possibility) that an acquisition of Dunkin Brands by Yum Brands would have on the restaurant industry. Restaurant Business Executive Editor Jonathan Maze (2019 DDIFO National Conference speaker) wrote on 5 interesting deals he’d like to see in 2020.