The votes have been tallied, the results are in, and all is right with the world – Dunkin’ has reclaimed the top spot in the Harris Poll Equi-trend Brand of the Year Rankings for 2016.   The annual study is based on a sample of 97,120 US consumers age 15 and older.  A total of 3,837 brands were rated via the online survey.  Congress can’t seem to agree on much of anything over the past several years, but there was solid bi-partisan support for the opening of a new Dunkin’ Donuts in the House Longworth Office Building last week.  House leadership including Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and many other members of Congress and staffers were on hand as Dunkin’ CEO Nigel Travis cut the ribbon to officially open the store for business.  And in a case of “location, location, location”, officials from West Covina, CA were thrilled to learn a Dunkin’ was coming to town – until they learned Dunkin’ would be locating near and competing with a small mom-and-pop donut shop that’s been there for 15 years. A favorite saying of President Harry S. Truman springs to mind: ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!’