All would agree it has been a very long 3 months for small business owners across the country – certainly including Dunkin’ franchisees, but steadily, Dunkin US sales conditions are looking up. On June 3, Dunkin’ posted a SEC update that showed US Dunkin same store sales (SSS) improving from -25% for week ending April 25 to minus 15 percent for the week ending May 23 2020. Further, Dunkin’ listed a strong drive-through sales performance along with much improved traffic in the 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM time frame. The company pointed to both improved utilization of the Dunkin’ app as well as more use of curbside applications as two reasons for the improvement. As a point of comparison, our industry analyst, John Gordon, reported picking up data showing that Tim Horton’s sales in both Canada and the US has further softened lately and was now in the range of  -25% to -30%. Finally, it was reported that the number of Dunkin’ units that were temporarily closed in April had fallen by half, another sign of improved business conditions!