Dunkin’s announcement of several weeks ago that it was closing the 450 kiosk operations it had in Speedway gas stations generated a number of inquiries from friends outside the industry who were concerned that the news was an indication of a problem. Real fans of Dunkin’, they! I assured them such was not the case and that the gas station kiosks were not full-sized Dunkin’s and had extremely low sales per outlet. We also noted a story this week that Dunkin’ had joined others in the advertising boycott against Facebook and other social media platforms pledging to not work with the tech giant until “meaningful action” is taken to address misinformation and hate speech. That sounds like a very slippery slope – if there are 2 fervently-held but different opinions on an issue, is one guilty of misinformation, or is it just a different view of the issue? And who gets to determine the correct information?