This week Dunkin Brands CFO Kate Jaspon was present at the JP Morgan Consumer Conference and our DDIFO Restaurant Analyst John Gordon of Pacific Management Consulting Group reports she answered detailed questions and gave a good outline of current and future initiatives. While not detailing same-store sales numbers, she indicated consumers are out more and the pace of restaurant activity is up. Dunkin has benefitted from a higher ticket, particularly from the later morning and mid-day dayparts. This included a mix of the $2 value platform refreshers, snacking add-ons, digital, and espresso focus. Kate expressed confidence in South and West US development but indicated remodels in the core and Northeast would be a priority, particularly adding drive-thrus and curbside where possible, along with work on Manhattan and Central Boston, where sales and profits were lagging. Virtually all Dunkin stores in the US are now open. While no surprise, Kate confirmed that drive-thru unit profitability far exceeded non-drive-thru unit profitability. She noted for the first time that curbside sites (both drive-thru and non) numbered 1400 and represented 2% of sales. Landlords have been cooperative to date, and more potential for adds existed. In terms of more NextGen unit investment, that is in the hands of franchisees, Dunkin capital is limited and no further plans for co-investment exist. At the headquarters, no staff cuts were implemented or planned going forward, and the digital and concept innovation functions have the most focus.