Lila Shaker writes at Danbury News Times that we all should admit that the Dunkin’ Donuts on the corner of Springside Avenue and Osborne Street has greatly improved the area. There was much doubt in many people about the noise and safety if Dunkin’ Donuts was allowed to build.

But let’s go back over the years when the same area was a dumping ground of junk, never knowing when trucks/cars would drive in and dump garbage, TV, barrels of oils, glass, etc. It was rat infested and swamp infested for the 50 years I lived next to it.

I guess we should thank Ed Batista for what he has accomplished. The drainage was greatly improved, the cleanliness of the building, and grounds is superb.

Myself, I want to thank Mr. Batista for Dunkin’ Donuts’ cleanliness and beautiful appearance. I can now breathe better each day.

Danbury News Times