Independent_Joe_18_Dunkin_Donuts_Trash-IMG_6256As proof that not all anti-business initiatives are borne on the West Coast, the Portland (Maine) City Council has resurrected a proposal to ban styrofoam beverage cups and food containers within its city limits.  The proposal, which would amend Chapter 12 of the city code, was initially suggested by Councilor Ed Suslovic, Chairman of the Green Packaging Working Group and was most recently considered in September of 2013 when it was formally returned to the Transportation, Sustainability and Energy Committee for more deliberation.  The committee previously endorsed the ban of polystyrene foam, which was coupled with a plan to attach a fee to the use of plastic or paper shopping bags, but the ban was slowed when the bag fee question was tabled last May.  Now, both aspects of the proposal are coming back before the City Council and it is speculated that if passed by the Council, the ban on Styrofoam could become effective as soon as July 1, 2015.