Independent_Joe_18_Dunkin_Donuts_EcolabEcoLab has worked with Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees for over 10 years, providing industry-leading cleaning and sanitation solutions.

EcoLab’s KAY® Filter Pouch Cleaner

EcoLab’s KAY® Filter Pouch Cleaner

EcoLab’s KAY® Filter Pouch Cleaner is a patented technology that makes cleaning coffee and tea equipment as easy as brewing a pot. Used daily, it prevents rancid oil accumulation, preserving beverage quality and maintaining brewing equipment. The teabag-like pouch enables easy rinsing with no chemical residue or aftertaste and is safe for use with all glass, plastic and stainless steel servers.

“Franchisees consistently speak highly of the pouch cleaner, highlighting its effectiveness and ease of use,” said Arliene Bird, Assistant VP of Corporate Accounts. “The product helps ensure equipment cleanliness, resulting in better quality coffee for Dunkin’ Donuts guests.”

Additionally, Ecolab Pest Elimination supports a clean, pest-free environment that helps franchisees control food and operational costs, pass inspections and avoid shutdowns. A “one-month-free” coupon is currently available to new customers. EcoSure® boosts food safety and brand standards performance through auditing, training, consulting and other services.

2013-Sponsor-Badge-75For more information, visit or contact Arliene Bird at or 973-699-8465.