The unemployment rate increased slightly in August, despite the economy adding another 315,000 jobs during the month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate in August was at 3.7 percent, up from the 3.5 percent recorded one month earlier. Despite the labor shortage, an additional 344,000 were added to the unemployment rolls boosting that number to 6 million. Against that backdrop, the labor force participation rate increased 0.3 percentage points over July to 62.4 percent. Notwithstanding that increase, it is still a full point below its level on February 2020. Given the strong employee-friendly economy we have, it is a major understatement to say that organized labor is enjoying a renaissance. A new Gallup poll indicates that unions are viewed favorably by a stunning 71percent of the American public, its highest favorability since 1965! On the flip side however, despite the high favorability rating, a majority on non-union worker in the U.S (58%) say they are “not interested at all” in joining a union. Conversely, approximately one in 10 Americans claim to be “extremely interested in joining a union.