The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported last week that the real average hourly earning for all employees decreased 0.1 percent from September to October, seasonally adjusted. The result stems from an increase of 0.4 percent in average hourly earning combined with an increase of 0.4 percent in the CPI combined with no change in the average workweek. From October 2021 to October 2022, real average hourly earnings decreased 2.8 percent. That change coupled with a decrease of 0.9 percent in the average workweek yielded a 3.7 percent decrease in real average weekly earnings year over year. In addition, the BLS also reported that consumer prices at full-service restaurants rose by nine percent in October compared to one year ago. At the same time, consumer prices in limited-service units rose 0.8 for the month of October (an increase from both August at 0.7 and September +0.6) and 7.1 percent year over year.