With the government shutdown heading into its 2nd month and no immediate resolution in sight, we should anticipate additional disruptions in the coming weeks to “business as usual” in regards to federal government issues and requirements. The major headlines have focused on the IRS being affected by it and the possibility that tax refunds may end up delayed as a result. Aside from the bigger headline items, there may be plenty of other employer obligations that are equally impacted. The EEO-1 filing deadline is another likely victim, especially. EEO-1 forms must be filed annually by March 31, but it is likely that deadline will be extended this year to sometime in April or maybe even May, depending on how long the shutdown continues. At this point in time, no information has been sent out to employers (usually a postcard with the employers’ sign in information has been sent by this time), but you are well-advised to begin gathering the requisite payroll information to facilitate an efficient filing when the formal deadline arrives.