The US Senate Wednesday confirmed Janet Dhillon for a seat on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by a 50-43 vote, giving the agency a three-seat quorum for the first time since January.  How long that quorum will last, remains to be seen. Dhillon, nominated by President Trump in June, 2017, was confirmed for one of the Republican seats after a lengthy standoff in the Senate, but the term of Commissioner Charlotte Burrows, holding one of the Democratic seats, expires on July 1 of this year, setting the stage for a repeat of a quorum-less Commission. The quarrel over EEOC confirmations began when Senate republicans, led by Utah Senator Mike Lee, blocked the re-appointment of then-Commissioner (and Obama administration holdover) Chai Feldman over her position and advocacy that LGBTQ rights, specifically sexual orientation and gender identity were protected by the Civil Rights Act. In response to that objection to Feldman, democratic Senators in turn blocked the confirmation of Dhillon until the Republicans changed the Senate rules earlier this year. With her confirmation, Dhillon assumes the EEOC chairmanship.