For many months, the NLRB was making all the headlines with their many anti-business decisions, but it appears now that the EEOC wants to get back in the stick-it-to-business game.  Within the past few weeks, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission moved aggressively on two different fronts: first, filing a complaint alleging that an employer violated federal law by not maintaining records sufficient to disclose the impact of their background checks and employee selection procedures on employment opportunities for persons identifiable by race, sex, or ethnic group, as required by federal law.  In another matter, EEOC challenged UPS in court over the company’s national uniform and appearance policy.  EEOC alleges in the suit that the company’s policy, which prohibits male employees from wearing beards or growing their hair below collar length, has caused the company to not hire or promote individuals whose religious practices conflict with the UPS appearance policy.  Further, the agency alleges UPS failed to make religious accommodations to the appearance policy at various facilities throughout the country.