It may be the headline the business community was hoping for, but it refers to the wrong nominee!  As we advised in last weeks issue, there is a standoff in Congress over three nominees of President Trump to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – one democrat (Chai Feldblum) & two republicans (Daniel Gade and Janet Dhillon). Republican senators are blocking the nomination of the liberal Feldblum, who they believe has restricted rights of religious groups, so democrats have blocked the others as well. In the wake of that turmoil, nominee Daniel Gade has withdrawn his name from consideration. Gade, who worked in the Bush White House in 2007, is a wounded Iraq war veteran and formerly taught at West Point. Nominated in August of 2017, Gade has been working in the Department of Labor as an advisor to the Veteran’s Employment and Training Service while his nomination has languished in Congress. Until there is a breakthrough in the stalemate, the EEOC will continue to lack a quorum with only 2 commissioners.