You had to look quickly this week if you wanted to see the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s new guidance on accommodating employees with medical conditions in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. The agency posted an updated guidance on Tuesday, May 5 and shortly after posting, pulled the guidance down because it was being “misinterpreted in press reports and social media.” In its place, EEOC posted that it was in the process of “revising the information to make sure it is clear.” The guidance was one of three the agency posted in its Q&A detailing what steps must be taken in cases involving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The two surviving rules expanded a new “Return to Work” section added last month and further clarified additional reasonable accommodations that must be made relating COVID-19 issues – items including enhanced protective gear such as masks that go beyond what employers generally provide, making physical changes such as adding partitions in workplaces to protect employees from others who may have a communicable disease, and so on.