Notwithstanding the above and other requirements of the Paycheck Protection Program, a serious effort is now underway in Washington to amend some of the provisions of the CARES Act. Specifically, the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) and other business allies in the Nation’s Capital are working to better educate Congress on the needs of the franchise owner community and in that vein, urge franchisees to sign this petition. By doing so, you will be urging Congress to better protect your business from unfounded lawsuits; adjust the duration, taxation, amount and “forgiveness” criteria for PPP loans; and expand insurance coverage for future health-related crises. A serious bipartisan effort to pass the amendments failed in the US Senate late yesterday with the Senate adjourning for the Memorial Day holiday. Despite that disappointment, the US House is planning for a vote as early as next Wednesday on its own version of the bipartisan Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act, which would allow loan forgiveness for expenses outside the eight-week period; eliminate the 75% payroll threshold on loan proceed use; expand the loan term beyond the current two years; ensure full access to payroll tax deferment for businesses that take PPP loans; and extend the June 30, 2020 rehiring deadline. DDIFO urges our members to sign this petition and help us and the CFA help you during these challenging times!