In most states, elections were held earlier this week and we want to just touch on a couple of results as they may become relevant to business issues in the future. First off, up in Portland Maine, incumbent progressive Mayor Ethan Strimling was eliminated before the final round in the ranked-choice local election. He defined himself as the most progressive candidate in the race and was a strong proponent of mandating a $15 minimum wage for all Portland businesses. Kate Snyder, who ultimately won the final runoff, is a non-profit executive. And New York City voters this week adopted ranked-choice voting for preliminary and special elections beginning in 2020. Ranked-choice voting allows voters to rank upl to 5 candidates in order of preference and as candidates are eliminated, their votes as subsequent choices are considered. The state of Virginia became the latest democratic trifecta state with voters flipping both the House of Delegates and the state Senate to democratic control for the first time in 26 years. This will likely lead to generally more progressive policies, a renewed push to adopt a $15 minimum wage, elimination of the state right to work law and more employee-friendly mandates.