It’s reared its ugly head in enough places of late that the International Franchise Association (IFA) has joined forces with the National Restaurant Association and the New York Restaurant Association to sue New York City over its Fair Workweek law. The lawsuit, filed in the New York state supreme court on Monday, challenges the scheduling mandate alleging that only the state of New York, through its Department of Labor, can dictate work scheduling requirements.  The Fair Workweek law, passed back in May of 2017 and in effect for just over 1 year, requires a 2 week notice for worker schedules and punishes employers with additional payroll fines (“predictability pay”) for schedule changes within the 2 week notice period. Over the past several years, a number of jurisdictions across the country have adopted similar mandates (Oregon, California cities San Francisco, San Jose and Emeryville, and Seattle), while Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago are each currently entertaining their own versions.