The push for wage increases, paid sick/family leave, secured scheduling or any number of other dictated benefits seems endless, but when they’re proposed by those who claim to be pro-business, it seems that much more disturbing.  That brings us to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, generally thought to be a pro-business Republican Governor, who announced this week that he was filing legislation to mandate that employers in Maryland with 50 or more employees offer paid annual sick leave of 40 hours and allow their workers to carryover up to 40 unused hours from one year to the next.  Hogan’s plan would further provide that smaller companies with fewer than 50 employees and offering sick leave benefits would be eligible to exempt the first $20,000 of their income from taxes.  Hogan said he was filing the initiative in order to provide benefits “without placing an unmanageable burden on job creators.” File under: camel’s nose under the tent!