When it comes to commercial insurance, it’s easy to feel lost in a fog of jargon, legal requirements and confusing options. DDIFO (Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Franchise Owners) Sponsor The Hill Agency, Inc. cuts through the haze, keeping a constant eye on industry changes and working diligently to identify the right coverage at the right price for the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners it serves.

Based in Endicott, New York, The Hill Agency is licensed to provide commercial and personal insurance services in New York State and Pennsylvania. The agency is pursuing licensure in New Jersey as well, largely to accommodate more Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees. Founded in 1983, The Hill Agency is a small, locally owned and operated independent agency with a staff that collectively have more than 75 years of experience in the insurance industry. Early in 2011, The Hill Agency purchased another agency, a move that significantly expanded its QSR and family restaurant client base. Since then, the staff have increased and improved restaurant insurance program offerings and marketing efforts. Becoming a DDIFO Sponsor has helped them to better understand the culture and needs of franchisees and is just one of many ways the agency is aiming to attract more restaurant clients.

“We’ve learned that Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners are very hard-working, honest and straightforward business people. They’re good people who like to be hands-on in their stores, which means they’re also extremely busy,” said The Hill Agency Vice President Rita Frailey. “We want to make their lives easier by simplifying insurance. That way, they can make one call to us and forget about it, knowing we’ve got it covered.”

Among the types of insurance The Hill Agency offers are:

  • ·        Commercial Property
  • ·        Liability
  • ·        Commercial Auto
  • ·        Workers’ Compensation
  • ·        Disability
  • ·        EPLI
  • ·        Glass Repair/Replacement

You can request a free quote simply by calling or emailing the agency. The staff then investigate which insurance companies can best address your needs, comparing coverage and rates to determine the best policy for you. Typically, they can turn around quotes within a few hours (except for Workers’ Compensation, which usually takes two days). If you already have insurance, The Hill Agency staff prefer to review your current policy in order to assess coverage levels and make sure nothing is missing that could put you at risk. Once you agree to a recommended policy, a staff member walks you through the required paperwork and, of course, answers any questions you might have. The agency can also coordinate a notice of cancellation to your current policyholder if necessary. In most instances, The Hill Agency can immediately issue coverage certificates directly to you and will also send this proof of insurance to any mortgagees, additional insureds or loss payees. And once you have an active policy, you can rest assured that the staff are always at work for you, including doing annual reviews of your files to ensure you continue to get the best coverage and price.

The Hill Agency even tells clients about related beneficial programs and services outside the agency. For example, as a New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA) affiliate, the agency encourages its New York clients to join NYSRA in order to become eligible for significant Workers’ Compensation discounts and dividends. NYSRA members can also get discounts on other types of insurance and services like music licensing, payroll processing and energy buying, and have access to legislative updates about changes in relevant state and federal laws.

“We’re all about providing the highest level of customer service. It’s a point of pride for us. I even give clients my cell number so they know they can reach me after hours for urgent situations,” Frailey said. “We’re willing to do whatever it takes to reassure clients that we’re here for them.”

For more information or to request a quote, contact Rita Frailey at 607-754-4020 or rfrailey.hilla01@insuremail.net or visit www.thehillagencyinc.org.