California Assembly Bill 5 has certainly served to generate significant controversy across many, if not most, industries in the Golden State. AB-5, which has already passed the state Assembly, would codify a California Supreme Court decision (Dynamex Operations West) decided in April 2018. In Dynamex, the state’s highest court established that all workers are essentially employees (vs. independent contractors) unless the employer can pass the “ABC” test: that is, the hiring entity must prove that the worker is (A) free from control; (B) providing services unrelated to the hiring entity’s business; and (C) holding him or herself out as an independent business. The decision, which is established judicial law in California is being aggressively opposed by a number of industries, including rideshare firms and delivery companies. In fact, Uber and Lyft along with third-party delivery firm DoorDash have pledged to spend as much as $30 million each on passing a ballot initiative to overturn the decision if the legislature passes AB5. A final vote on the bill could come in the state senate as early as next Tuesday!