Fair franchising legislation has been filed for consideration this year in the Vermont legislature. Several weeks ago, 10 state legislators co-sponsored House bill 890, An Act Related to Regulating Franchise Agreements. The bill seeks to restore some semblance of balance to the franchisee – franchisor relationship and focuses on a number of specific points raised and incorporated in the Universal Franchising Bill of Rights, developed several years ago by the Coalition of Franchisee Associations. If enacted, H890 would guarantee freedom of association for franchise owners; allow termination of the franchise agreement for good cause and, in the event of termination or a non-renewal, provide that franchisee with the opportunity – rather, the right – to monetize the equity that he/she has built up in his/her business (equipment, inventory; supplies, furnishings, etc.). In addition, it would require that proper notice be given in the event the franchisor decides not to renew a franchise agreement and provide the opportunity for qualified heirs including the surviving spouse to assume the franchise. At the present time, the legislation is pending in the House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development, but no hearing has yet to be scheduled for the bill.