Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, requiring responsible franchise practices; conferring powers and duties upon the Department of Community and Economic Development; and establishing remedies and penalties.

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Proposed legislation that would provide some degree of balance and equity in the franchisor-franchisee relationship has been considered in several states thus far this year and is still very much alive in Pennsylvania.  The House Consumer Affairs Committee will be holding a public hearing on HB 1620 on Tuesday, November 19 and DDIFO will be there to testify and represent franchise owner interests in the discussion.  Along with some of the CFA leadership, DDIFO was formally invited to testify by the committee and gladly accepted the invitation.  We would also encourage any Pennsylvania franchise owners concerned with the current inequities in franchise law to attend and testify. A clean pdf of the proposed legislation is posted on the DDIFO web site.  You can access it here.  And, although there has been little movement to date, the Massachusetts legislation (S.73) is still lodged in the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Business.  A hearing will be held sometime in the new year.  Lastly, word out of the Granite State is that a fair franchising bill has been filed in New Hampshire as well for consideration during the 2014 session.  We’ll get you more details as they become available.