The democrat-controlled New Jersey legislature this week sent two initiatives to republican lame duck Governor Chris Christie, term-limited out of office this year after two terms. AB3480, which would ban employers from inquiring into a job applicant salary history, was approved by the Senate earlier this week by a party-line vote of 30-9. AB 4927 would dramatically expand the New Jersey family leave law, which has been on the books for the past 8 years. Under the bill, also approved on a party line vote, the current 6 weeks of paid family leave would double to 12 weeks, the weekly leave payment cap of $633 would be increased to $932, intermittent leave would be added for bonding with newborns or an adopted child and the availability of intermittent leave time would be doubled from the current 42 days to 84 days, among many other changes! The governor has yet to indicate whether he will sign either bill into law. Elsewhere on the subject of paid family leave laws, we thought this article from Sesco Management detailing the provisions of the New York Paid Family Leave Law, which becomes effective next January was quite good.