Impatient? A little lazy? Perk up–this one’s for you.

Fast Company Magazine reports that GoMobo, the latest option in ordering and receiving food as quickly as possible, lets users order and pay for fast food via text, allowing them to pick up their order without the hassle of a line.

Founder and CEO Noah Glass calls the idea “Fandango for food,” which is probably the simplest way of explaining it. The same way Fandango eliminated standing in line at the movies, GoMobo has the potential to eliminate standing in line at any food vendor.

Essentially, it’s not that different from ordering online, paying online and picking up your food. It’s the vendors that are signing on that make this idea exciting. Corporate deals have been made with Burger King, Subway, and Dunkin’ Donuts this year, and if the deal goes national, GoMobo aims to have 5,000 restaurants signed up by the end of the year. (It costs restaurants, on average, $150 to sign up. The service is free to customers.)

“The restaurant industry has been moving more and more towards the idea of self-service ordering,” Glass said. “I think we see what we’re doing in the mobile space as the final evolutionary stage of self-service ordering.”

GoMobo recently launched iPhone ordering, something that Glass said they’re particularly excited about. Since the iPhone is equipped with GPS, users will automatically be presented with nearby restaurants when they open the application.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen mobile ordering–Chipotle introduced its iPhone app early this year and Domino’s launched mobile ordering for any phone with a Web browser back in 2007–but so many vendors through one service? So simple. Imagine texting your coffee order (milk and sugar, please) to Dunkin’ Donuts while you’re running errands, then simply picking up your pre-paid drink. Easy breezy.

Fast Company Magazine