The temporary victory for federal contractors over the Biden vaccine mandate notwithstanding, those same contractors have little to cheer as relates a different presidential executive order, this one mandating $15/hour minimum wages for their employees. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has published its final rule implementing Executive Order # 14026, which mandates a $15 per hour minimum wage for employees of all federal contractors. Issued back in April of this year, EO #14026 encouraged all federal agencies to require a $15 minimum wage for all existing contracts issued between the issuance of the Executive Order on April 27, 2021 and the January 30, 2022 effective date. According to the final rule issued two weeks ago, the new minimum wage will apply to new contracts or extensions or renewals of existing contracts on or after January 30, 2022. There are four specific types of contracts to which the $15 wage rate will apply, one of which is “Concessions contracts”, meaning a contract under which the federal government grants a right to use federal property, including land or facilities for furnishing services. For those who may operate on federal property, it includes a contract the principal purpose of which is to furnish food, regardless of whether the service is of direct benefit to the government, its personnel, or the general public.