Late yesterday, the NLRB announced that it had prevailed in federal district court and won an injunction against Starbucks ordering the company to rehire a number of workers it had terminated and further to cease all unlawful activities. The case involved a successful union election held at a Starbucks in Memphis where the company disciplined and terminated seven employees, including five of whom were members of the 6-person union organizing committee. The NLRB Regional Director had ruled the terminations constituted an unfair labor practice and ordered their reinstatement, subsequently seeking an injunction from the District Court for Western Tennessee to force Starbucks to comply. Now, with the court’s injunction in place, Starbucks will need to either appeal the decision or comply with the order and bargain in good faith with the union at the Memphis store. Across the footprint, the NLRB has cited Starbucks for hundreds of unfair labor practices with many of them still pending in the courts on appeal.