It would appear that a more than doubling of the existing federal minimum wage from the current $7.25/hour to $15/hour is out of the pending $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill pending in Congress, at least for the time being. In the initial deliberations on the budget resolution (the vehicle by which the Senate will approve the package and avoid a filibuster by republicans), there was no consensus reached in the Senate as to whether the minimum wage proposal rightly belonged in a budget resolution and secondarily, whether the $15 minimum wage was the “right amount” to win passage. In both cases, divisions within the Senate democratic caucus seemed solid and a republican sponsored amendment stripping the minimum wage from the resolution was approved on a voice vote. Likewise, an amendment by Senator Mike Braun (#51) to strip the elimination of the tip credit from the budget resolution also passed without debate. As the US Senate dealt with the Trump Impeachment trial this week however, committees in the House of Representatives – specifically the Committee on Education and Labor – crafted some of the actual language of the budget resolution legislation and they included the $15 minimum wage. In fact, just yesterday, Speaker Pelosi stated unequivocally that the minimum wage increase will be in the bill the House sends the Senate. We’ll keep a close watch as this debate unfolds over the coming days and weeks.