As we know, the federal court in Texas has overturned the Department of Labor overtime rule doubling the federal overtime exemption to over $47,000 per year, but you may still be bound by a higher threshold.  Our friends at The Bennett Law Firm sent out a notice this week that could save franchisees in some states a good deal of trouble – both legal and financial!  The federal rule has indeed been enjoined by the courts, but several states have their own versions of the DOL overtime exemption – and the state versions are in full force and effect.  As Bennett Law Firm points out in this client update, three states – “Maine, Connecticut and New York, already have or will have in 2017, state minimum salary thresholds that are higher than the current federal weekly minimum of $455.00.”  That caution got us to thinking that there may very well be other states that are considering implementing similar thresholds or otherwise tightening up wage and hour or overtime laws that you should be aware of or look into.