Still on the loose, Democratic Socialist Senator and former democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders filed legislation last week that would require employers with at least 500 employees to reimburse the government for the cost of government assistance programs (such as food stamps, public housing, and the like) on which their workers may rely. The bill, the Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act, with the cleverly crafted acronym, Stop BEZOS Act, targets Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and other major corporations. A companion bill (minus the BEZOS acronym) was filed in the US House by California Congressman Ro Khana (D-CA) as well. The bills have no chance of passing this year, but are rather being used as a vehicle to build greater left-wing voter turnout in November. That said, imagine what we’ll be dealing with if the ploy works and the House & Senate both flip to Bernie Sanders, Ro Khana, et al??