SEIU-financed “worker protests” pushing for a minimum wage of $15/hour were held again across the country this week with organizers claiming the largest low-wage worker protest in history.  That may be quite the qualifier, but notwithstanding, Fight for $15 claims that as many as 60,000 people were involved in the latest round of protests, with the usual gaggle of ‘me-too’ politicians expressing their support and figuratively lining up with them.  We classify the ‘movement’ as SEIU-financed in the wake of the Service Employees International Union filing their required year-end Department of Labor spending reports in which they acknowledge over $23,000,000 of their members dues money was given to a host of different advocacy groups, many of which are directly involved in the Fight for $15.  And, on the whole subject of the Fight for $15, we came across a blog written by 28-year old Matt Walsh that should actually be required reading for anyone running for political office, or even working in a government agency, for that matter!  It speaks volumes to those who advocate $15/hour because “people need that much to live in comfort”.  You can read it here.