A few years ago, the environmental rage was to push a ban on the use of polystyrene foam as a food and/or beverage container and to some degree, the effort is ongoing. Anne Arundel County in Maryland (vetoed by country executive), Concord and Santa Barbara in California have all recently advanced bans, and a ban in New York City was upheld by the courts early last month. Then, the effort seemed to switch over to the banning of single-use plastic bags, commonly made from low-density polyethylene plastic and today, a great many cities and towns across the country have some kind of plastic bag ban or restriction in place – in fact, far too many to try and list. So now, the environmental bull’s eye has shifted over to banning plastic straws and utensils. Seattle became the first city in the nation to enact a ban on such plastic items when its ban took effect on Sunday, July 1. Under the provisions of the ban, food service businesses are required to provide customers with “compliant options” and failure to do so exposes the business to fines of $250 per violation. Expect to see this latest ban craze ripple across the country as well.