The Florida Protect Small Business Act, filed by Senator Jack Latvala and Representative Jason Brodeur, has been assigned to the Committee on Regulated Industries and will be subject to a public hearing once the legislative session begins in earnest at the beginning of March. Although we do not yet have a specific date and time for the hearing, we encourage all concerned Florida franchisees to plan on it being held the week of March 6 and make plans to visit Tallahassee at that time and support this important legislation. The IFA and large franchisors have already begun a misinformation campaign in an effort to confuse the legislature on the issue and prevent this bill from becoming law, balancing the rights of franchisees with franchisors, and protecting the investment of franchisees in their businesses. You can learn the facts at the Florida Protect Small Business Act website and take direct action to protect yourself by attending the hearing in Tallahasee.  We’ll keep you informed once it is scheduled.