On June 30, Florida Governor Ron Desantis signed into law HB 255, which shortens the timeframe an employee has to take legal action in cases where the Florida Commission on Human Rights (FHRC) does not make a determination on the possible validity of the allegation within the prescribed time. Previously, when a complaint was filed with the FHRC, the agency was given 180 days to investigate the allegation and make a determination as to whether there were likely grounds for the complaint to proceed or not. In those instances where the Commission could not make such a determination within the 180 days, then the aggrieved employee would have up to 48 months to take the allegation to court by filing a discrimination lawsuit against the employer. Now, with HB 255 on the books, all else remains the same but the time by which the employee must file a lawsuit in the absence of a FHRC determination in that same 180 day period is reduced from the previous 4 years to just 12 months from the date of the complaint.