Shortly before Christmas, the Florida Supreme Court wrapped up and handed Orlando attorney/activist John Morgan a big present with its approval of a proposed state constitutional amendment that would increase the minimum wage in the Sunshine State to $15/hour in 2026. Morgan was instrumental in the drafting of the proposed amendment and has essentially been self-funding Florida for a Fair Wage, the campaign committee working to place a $15/hour minimum wage question before Florida voters next November. The court is required to approve the validity of proposed constitutional amendments as well as certify to the accuracy of campaign summaries. With the court’s blessing now in hand, the measure to increase the Florida minimum of $8.56/hour (the wage just increased from $8.46/hour on January 1) will absolutely be on the 2020 ballot. Florida for a Fair Wage cleared the signature hurdle of 766,200 valid voter signatures back in October. Currently, the Florida constitution requires annual CPI adjustments to the state minimum wage.