New DDIFO Director Dan Connelly

New DDIFO Director Dan Connelly

On April 13, Daniel P. Connelly officially joined the DDIFO Board of Directors. Connelly is the director of business development for JCM Franchise Development, a division of Joyal Capital Management, LLC in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Prior to that, he worked for six years as a business development manager for Dunkin’ Brands.

“I deeply enjoy working for the folks who own the stores and being involved in that entrepreneurial side of business,” says Connelly. “Many of the franchisees are very passionate and driven business men and women, and being part of their key advisory team, working to help them grow and prosper, brings me great satisfaction.”

Through JCM Franchise Development, which has hundreds of Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee clients across 13 states, Connelly works with franchise owners to tackle such issues as mergers and acquisitions, banking, debt placement, corporate restructuring, business valuations, extensive store level cash flow modeling, profit and loss management, and ownership and succession structure. The ultimate goal is to protect and grow clients’ wealth over time through properly integrated estate and financial planning.

While at Dunkin’ Brands, Connelly served as part of the New England/Upstate New York team during a time of tremendous growth and wealth creation for both the brand and the franchise owners. He dealt with a range of financial matters, all focused on increased brand and franchisee profitability.

In his first week on the DDIFO Board, Connelly has been doing a lot of listening and learning. He is excited to bring his financial and transactional experience from both a brand and franchisee perspective to the Board, especially in this time of significant growth during which the Dunkin’ brand is evolving from a “super-regional” entity to a nationally known company. He says his experience gives him an important perspective on where the brand has been and where it wants to be and as a member of the DDIFO Board he can help drive a mutually beneficial system.

“I am looking forward to working with franchisees and the DDIFO Board,” says Connelly. “My experience at Dunkin’ Brands and in my current position providing business, estate and financial consulting for Dunkin franchise owners at Joyal Capital Management gives me a strong understanding for what today’s franchise owners need and how the DDIFO can best address those needs.”

Connelly lives in North Reading, Massachusetts with his wife, Mindy, and their two daughters, three-year-old Addison and two-year-old Kaitlyn. They all enjoy spending time with family and close friends, many of whom also have small children. Connelly also enjoys playing golf and hopes to get out on the links a bit more this year. He attended Lynn English High School where he was captain of the soccer, hockey and baseball teams.