No, not us! The Great White North Franchisee Association (GWNFA), a new organization representing the interests of Tim Horton’s franchise owners, has filed a lawsuit seeking class action status against Restaurant Brands International. The lawsuit alleges that RBI, which purchased the Tim Horton’s chain just under 3 years ago, has been collecting funds from Tim’s franchisees and putting it to uses other than related to the brand. Specifically, GWNFA alleges that monies from the Ad Fund, which the Toronto Star calculates as totaling $700 million since 2014, have been inappropriately used by the franchisor. The class action has not yet been certified and will be reviewed by a judge. The GWNFA was created back in April when franchise owners declared ineffective the Advisory Council structure that Tim Horton’s previously had in place and abandoned it. At the time, they felt their issues were not being honestly and forthrightly addressed by the franchisor.