If it continues, we might make this a regular weekly feature in Small Regular No Sugar! Last week, we advised of a lawsuit filed by a number of Tim Horton franchisees in the United States challenging the franchisor over unreasonable costs for food and supplies. That challenge is ongoing. This week, we also learn 7-Eleven franchisees are battling their franchisor alleging the company has been applying heavy pressure on franchisees to sign new franchise agreements by the end of the year, notwithstanding that many of the franchisees still have another year or two remaining on their existing agreements. The National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees (NCASEF), which earlier this year voted to boycott the company convention in February, said the new agreement “further enhances the pervasive control 7-Eleven already exercises over its operators.” They went on to say “[F]or years, the company has been eroding franchisee profitability by increasing operating costs. Now, 7-Eleven is aggressively advising franchisees to sign the new deal immediately before its terms get worse.”