It’s been over six years since the 2700-page Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) was rammed down the throats of Americans (over 60% of whom were opposed to its passage), so what to do for an encore?  President Obama now wants to mandate that small business next provide retirement plans for all employees – full and part-time.  Obama alluded to portable universal retirement plans in his 2016 State of the Union address and followed that up with a press release this week providing a more detailed look at the outline of his proposal.  As one might expect, the original outline speaks to small businesses being “encouraged” to offer traditional retirement plans to employees and even dangles the notion of tax credits being made available to businesses to encourage their participation.  Upon closer reading however, one begins to see more and more phrases that cause concern (i.e. “employers would be required . . .” or “employers with more than 10 employees must . . .”). As much as it behooves all Americans to plan and save for their own retirement years, in the wake of the Affordable Care Act and its never-ending mandates, dictates and increased costs on small business, should we really let the current administration design and implement universal retirement planning?  What could possibly go wrong??