San Francisco voters will decide on a ballot measure slated for next November that calls for instituting a new CEO tax on certain companies in the “City By The Bay.” The Excessive CEO Salary Tax earmarks the estimated $80 million in new revenue it would generate for mental health and substance abuse programs within the city. The services would be made available to any person asking for help with mental health or substance abuse issues with or without insurance coverage or legal status. The tax would begin at 0.1% for companies that pay the CEO more than 100 times the median company salary, increasing to 0.2% for those at 200 times median, and so on, up to a maximum of 0.6%. The Excessive CEO Salary Tax could be imposed in addition to the recently proposed IPO tax, which would raise the employer payroll tax by 1.12% on stock-based compensation! A little less onerous perhaps, the Illinois senate has given initial approval to a geographic expansion of the Chicago restaurant meals and drink tax to facilitate funding for an expansion of McCormick Place, the city’s convention center. Whether the expansion happens remains to be seen as opposition was fast and strong from alderman representing the proposed new districts.