Well, if they’re not, they certainly could be! As we know, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the only agency of the federal government with any direct charge relating to the franchising industry. As such, it is welcome news to report that the FTC will be holding a virtual workshop on November 10 as part of the ongoing review of the Franchise Rule by the agency. Although the specific agenda for the workshop will not be finalized until closer to the event, those interested in participating as a panelist must do so electronically to franchiserule@ftc.gov by Thursday, October 1, 2020. The broader general public is invited to submit comments on franchise issues addressed at the workshop until December 17, 2020. We’ll be reminding readers of the event closer to the time as well. This past week, three democrat members of Congress sent a letter requesting that the FTC investigate the pricing structures of third party delivery companies – specifically as that pricing structure relates to consolidations in the third party delivery industry and the impact thereof on small businesses. Furthermore, the Congresswomen concluded their letter noting that “numerous complaints have been filed by franchisees . . .” and urging careful scrutiny of the “underinvestigated” franchisor/franchisee relationship. What the FTC will do in response remains to be seen.