The City Council in Mountain View California, located on the San Francisco peninsula, approved an increase in their minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018.  The new law phases in the increase from the current $10.30 to $11 in January.  The minimum then jumps an additional $2 per hour in each of the subsequent two years.  Town fathers in Sacramento opted for a less egregious increase to $12 an hour as the result of a compromise reached between the Mayor’s office, business interests and organized labor this week.  California’s labor interests won’t be satisfied with compromises though and hence, the state’s largest union, SEIU unveiled a new ballot campaign for 2016 aimed at increasing the state minimum to $15 by 2020 and mandating 6 paid sick days a year for all employees.  The current state minimum of $9/hour will increase to $10 per hour on January 1st.  This initiative is contrary to a separate effort underway by local union SEIU-United Healthcare Workers that raises the minimum to $15/hour, but includes an additional year in the phase in period.