As we all keep our eyes peeled for the lowest price on gas at the pump,you might want to take a moment to look at what you’re paying for electricity and natural gas in your shops. Did you know that choosing a different supplier could save you serious money? DDIFO Sponsor Glacial Energy is not only doing its best to make sure you know your options; if you choose to become a customer, the company continually works to keep down your energy costs.

“The goal of our company is to save our customers money, plain and simple,” says Glacial Energy Vice President of Marketing Gary Bostwick. “That’s even how our business model is structured. From streamlined systems to advanced back-office infrastructure, we make every effort to minimize operating costs and pass on those savings to our customers.”

Working in the deregulated electricity market for more than six years and natural gas for about a year, Glacial Energy has the experience and know-how to handle the needs of commercial consumers of all sizes, but its niche is small to mid-sized businesses. The company has worked with Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners since 2007 and currently supplies energy to more than 70 individual shops in six states.

Typically the process for new customers begins with an energy analysis. A potential business customer provides a copy of its latest utility bill to Glacial Energy. The energy supplier then accesses the customer’s previous year’s bills and performs a historical analysis comparing those charges against what the customer would have been charged had Glacial Energy been its supplier. In nearly all cases, customers discover they would have saved money with Glacial Energy and many decide to make the switch right away.

There are several advantages Glacial Energy offers, aside from direct savings on utility costs:

  •  No long-term fixed-rate contracts. Contracts run on a month-to-month basis using index pricing, so Glacial Energy works each month to identify and purchase the cheapest energy available and is able to quickly react and adjust to changes in market pricing.
  •  No interruptions in service and no switching, maintenance or cancellation fees.
  • Flexible billing options that help you manage energy costs.
  • Customized billing services, such as consolidating multiple accounts from different locations in a single statement and providing billing summaries to multiple parties in an organization.
  • Localized customer service. Customers can access a live customer care representative by phone from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. Voicemail, Web and E-mail customer service options also exist, and responses are promptly delivered.
  • Modernized operations like paperless billing and payment via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) reduce overhead and provide customers with simplified options.
  • Private ownership means no stockholders to answer to, no pressure to achieve specific profit margins. 

Along with its basic energy supply services, Glacial Energy offers two optional programs to its customers. Glacial Cares and Glacial Green Energy give customers the opportunity to feel even better about their energy supply choices.

By signing up for Glacial Cares, you can simultaneously benefit a local charity as you boost your own bottom line with energy savings. Through this program, a percentage of what you pay each month in energy costs goes directly to your selected nonprofit organization. You can designate any charity, and Glacial Energy will work with the organization to set up and manage your ongoing donations.

“Glacial Cares has been a very successful program, which we created to help give back to the communities where our customers are located and to the recipients the customers choose,” says Bostwick.

With Glacial Green Energy, you can opt to get your electricity from renewable sources like solar, wind and hydro, which generate far less pollution and fewer greenhouse gas emissions than fossil-fuel sources. On behalf of its Green Energy customers, Glacial Energy purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) through a nationally-certified program. A REC represents electricity generated from renewable sources, and buying RECs helps to bolster the green movement overall. Since renewable energy tends to be more expensive, Glacial Energy allows customers to assign a specific percentage of their energy usage to “green” sources while the remainder comes from traditional sources. There are a number of options available. And you can make your own customers aware of your green activity by displaying your Glacial Green Certificate in your shop along with semi-annual reports from Glacial Energy that detail how much renewable energy you’ve used.

“These days, green energy is on everyone’s mind,” says Bostwick. “Many of our existing and potential customers want a green option when purchasing electricity and Glacial Green gives them that choice.”

It’s important to note that even when you choose Glacial Energy as a supplier, you will still receive a bill from your local utility for delivery charges since the local utility owns and maintains the lines. Delivery charges typically account for about one-third of your utility costs. Glacial Energy is currently licensed to do business in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and California (Illinois and Texas electricity only; Virginia natural gas only). As new markets or states are deregulated, Glacial Energy may pursue additional licensing.

For more information or to request an Energy Analysis, contact Glacial Energy at 888-452-2425 or submit a request via the Glacial Energy Dunkin’ Donuts microsite. Or stop by the Glacial Energy table at the Northeast Members Meeting on March 3 in Westborough, Massachusetts.