As President Obama said to the Republican Congressional leadership back in the wake of his 2012 reelection, “Elections Matter!” As the labor shortage worsens and inflation is again rearing its ugly head, it is important for us all to remember that reality. Elections do matter, and even though this race or that campaign may not capture much media interest, the choices that the electorate makes next Tuesday will reverberate in one way or another for the next few years at least. State and local elections are on tap for next week and although they may not seem too important, you exercising your vote in them is!  There are only two gubernatorial races in play next Tuesday – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy faces republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli; while former Governor Terry McAuliffe battles republican businessman Glenn Youngkin in Virginia – and both have been painted as critical to the direction the nation will take in 2022 regarding Congressional control in Washington, DC. Regardless of whether you want to see political changes made or a political “stay the course”, take the time to have your say – exercise your civic duty – get out and VOTE! The business you save may be your own!