Workers at a Long Island, New York location of the retail giant Target rejected unionizing a couple of weeks ago by an overwhelming vote of 118 – 39! The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union has tried on a number of occasions to unionize Target workers, but has failed in each instance. New York has always been a strong union state, but this defeat was the second major loss for the union at a Target location in New York. On the slippery slope side of the ledger, we have Burgerville out in Oregon, which you may recall  became the first fast food restaurant to unionize when employees at one of the 42-unit brand’s Portland stores voted 18 – 4 to create the Burgerville Workers Union. Just weeks later, employees at a different Portland location voted 17 – 5 to create a own micro-union at their place of employment. Now, just months after unionizing, the Burgerville Workers Union authorized a strike against the company over the brand’s decision not to allow employees to wear political buttons (opposing existing immigration laws and advocating the abolition of ICE) on their uniforms. It is indeed a slippery slope!