In the catalogue of government overreach, or nanny-state actions of late, we’d hasten to submit Oregon at the state level and old favorite San Francisco in the local community category. Just a few weeks ago, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law Senate bill 1019, which provides that beginning in the year 2024, all eggs sold or produced in the state must be cage-free!  The law requires that farms with more than 3,000 hens must give the birds room to “move around and stretch their wings”! The Humane Society of the United States called the signing “a monumental win for hens . . .” Oregon joins California and Washington making the left coast completely cage-free for eggs. Massachusetts on the east coast will also require cage-free eggs. At the local level, we can always count on the “city by the bay” to tell us how to live. And most recently, we can live without bottled water at San Francisco International Airport! The airport recently imposed a ban, following a 2014 city ordinance banning the sale of plastic water bottles on city property, on the sale of plastic water bottles at convenience stores, restaurants and vending machines. The goal of this latest ban is to make San Francisco International the world’s first zero-waste airport by 2021!